Mid-Life Parenting Prolongs the Empty Nest


Empty Nest… not so fun! I had my last two/twins late in life!

Marti Lynn Lewis

Being a mid-life parent definitely has its advantages, and its disadvantages. We’ve all read the articles on how being an older parent makes you wiser and more patient. Also, you may be more financially secure and able to provide more opportunities for your child. You may have built a career first, so much so that you are able to now stay at home and raise your child. Having a young child at an older age can also help keep you young–both mentally and physically.

Quite the opposite can also be true. Because of your age, you may be more tired and not have as much energy to run around as a 20- or 30-something might. You also may not be around to see your child get married, or perhaps you won’t be able to see your grandchildren grow up. Finally, your children might be saddled down at a much younger…

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