Can’t Wait

Last year Thanksgiving and Christmas were the smallest ones I had ever had. It was nice just having one on one with my youngest son, parents and husband, but I did long for the rest of my children.

As a mother of seven adult children, I raised them to be healthy independent adults. That is the goal, right? Now I am re-thinking all this! Joking of course… Three of my children live in AL, one is in CA, one in China, and the two youngest in the same state I live in, but with their jobs and school, time spent together is very limited.

This Thanksgiving I have only one wish, “All My Children” home for Thanksgiving! Woohoo, I just got the news that my son is coming home from China, my oldest daughter is coming with her boys, and the two youngest are going to be home. Now, that leaves three more and I think those might be able to come. Plus, I am having some dear friends joining us.

Life is funny. I have cooked dozens of dinners with a love hate relationship. This year I cannot wait to set the table, cook all their favorites and hope they do all the clean up!?!

Looking forward to the Holidays! Even all the drama that comes and goes with it!

How’s your festivities shaping up this year? When it is all said and done, God and family is what it is all about.

Share with me your special traditions for Thanksgiving. I need some new ideas to make this one stand out above all the rest! How about you?



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