More News From the Middle East

SYRIA, lebanon MAP

News From the Middle East.

Dear Newsmax Reader,

Congress will soon vote on President Obama’s plan to militarily strike Syria.

Many in Congress and the media want to know your opinion: Do you believe Congress should authorize President Obama’s strike plan? is conducting a critical national online poll about this congressional vote and Obama’s plan.

You can vote now in this urgent poll: Go Here Now.

Newsmax will provide the results of this poll to Congress, major media outlets and radio talk-show hosts across America.

We also urge you to forward this email to friends and family.

Don’t miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard!

Vote Here Now:

Thank you.

P.S. Your voice can be heard! Our reports have been cited by major outlets, including CNN, ABC, Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, and other major networks. Please forward this email to friends and family and encourage them to take part in this real poll!

Vote today at:


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