It’s not finished yet! So There!!!

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Broken, Abused and Healed

Battered, broken in places and full of holes, the old pot had been cast out by its previous owner. By all outward appearances the pot possessed no value and served no useful purpose. For one thing, its top did not come off and for another, its holes were not large enough for anything to fit through. Not even a small candle could be placed inside. Nor could it be used as a planter. The sad little pot seemed to be quite useless.

Yet for some strange reason I was drawn to this pot when I saw it lying on the sidewalk, left behind from the garbage pickup. Scooping it up, I began looking at it more closely. The more I examined the old pot the more it intrigued me. Perhaps it reminded me of myself, now getting on in years.

Like me, life had taken its toll on the old pot. It had been used up and now had been discarded. Its surface was scarred with many nicks, scrapes and scratches. As I turned the pot over I saw writing engraved on the bottom: initials and an inscription that read, “Made with love. I Love You, Mom. From: J.C. 3rd grade.”

A child had made this pot as an expression of love for his (or her) mother. I reflected on how true it is that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” How proud this little third-grader must have been to bring this pot home to his or her mother! And how proud of it she must have been to have kept it for all those years!

Unable to bear the thought of this little pot being destroyed, I took it home with me and placed it on the windowsill in my kitchen. When I woke up the next morning and struggled down the stairs to make a pot of coffee, I was surprised to see rainbows shining down the hallway from the kitchen! It was an awesome sight! Their glory seemed to fill the whole downstairs part of the house!

As I entered the kitchen I discovered the source of the rainbows. That battered old pot on the windowsill was now filled with the glory of the sun. Somehow the holes in that broken part were scattering the sun’s rays, filling the kitchen with bright, sparkling colors. It was breathtaking! “How could this be?” I marveled. How could an old broken pot produce such an effect?

As soon as I picked up the pot, the rainbows disappeared. Upon closer examination, I saw inside the pot what I had missed before: tiny pieces of mirror that had been baked or sun-dried onto the inside surface. When the sun’s light hit those mirrors just right, they acted like tiny prisms, breaking the light into its various spectra of rainbow colors. To me they were like beams of hope, love and beauty! It was truly awesome. I understood that this is exactly how the Lord desires to shine through each of us. Even through our brokenness, if we will simply stand in the path of His light, His light can fill our lives just as His sunlight filled my house through that old “useless” pot.

Then I heard a voice speak to me deep in my spirit: I made you with love, my beloved child. I formed you so carefully and placed inside you mirrors that would reflect my glory. Just stay in my presence, the presence of the Son. I have engraved my initials on your heart: J.C. I love you very much.—Jesus.”


Katrina Cati

From My Book: “I Did I Do Again”



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