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Last April 2013, while in CA I saw a Tower Garden. Good Veggies are more and more difficult to come by. So, John and I got ours. I did not know what I was doing. I am from the city, but we did get a few salads out of it. I think I planted way to much and had no idea what was what???  I do know that so many vegetables can prevent so many sickness!

Well, I am getting ready to start it again. Only this time fewer veggies and see how my Tower Garden Grows.

What is a: “Tower Garden® simplifies traditional gardening, using a unique vertical garden system that makes it easy to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables at home.

Tower Garden® is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It’s perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces—just about any relatively sunny place outside.”

If you want more information you can contact me either by email:

or go to my websites: We can learn together! These sites will give you more information.  Well at first you don’t succeed try again! I am determined to get healthy! How about You?


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